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/ Relocation. Relocation. Relocation.

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful things you will ever experience, and for some people it can be that bit more challenging when they need to find temporary accommodation before they can move into their new permanent home.

Although hotels are a great option for that transition period, serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular for people in this position. With our choice of one or two-bedroom serviced accommodation, individuals or families can find an apartment that gives them the space needed to feel truly at home. It can be hard to relax in a hotel room when there is more than one of you, and families with young children will greatly benefit from the chance to have their own bedroom but still be close by in our apartments.

With your own bedroom and the ability to shut the door behind you, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, the choice of a shower or bath, comfy sofas, wifi and smart TV’s, the home comforts you have just left can stay with you whilst you await your new family home.

An added bonus with serviced apartments as opposed to other self-catering accommodation choices, is the hotel-like services that are on offer. At Hilltop Serviced Apartments we can tailor a cleaning and linen changing schedule to suit your needs and wishes, whilst fully respecting and retaining your privacy.

Choosing serviced apartments might be the best thing you do if you do find yourself requiring temporary accommodation whilst moving home, and hopefully will help ease the stresses just a little.