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A growing number of travellers are finding serviced apartments to be a convenient and promising choice of accommodation during their trip. Although originally associated with business travel, these types of accommodation are now as popular with leisure travellers looking for a place to call home for a weekend getaway, a solo trip, or even a family holiday. In this blog post, we will examine the many audiences that can book and take advantage of staying in a serviced apartment for your next trip.

  1. Business Travel for Short Stays

For business travellers, serviced apartments are the ideal option due to a variety of common and unique benefits that set them apart from standard hotel stays. Business travellers, for instance, frequently appreciate that serviced apartments provide them with their own space amidst a busy travel schedule, as well as lots of room and direct transport links making for an easy commute. These apartments provide a comfortable and productive environment, allowing professionals to enjoy much-needed privacy and relaxation while travelling for business.

Additionally, serviced apartment providers offer amenities like reliable and fast internet connection, designated work spaces and partnerships with local businesses that cater to the specific needs of business travellers both within and around the apartment. By providing possibilities for exploration beyond your work itinerary, all of these aspects allow guests to fully enjoy their stay through comprehensive customer services.

2. Corporate Relocation for Individuals and Families

Companies frequently send out task groups for projects abroad, needing accommodation that provides more than just a bed. For individuals on extended assignments or project teams, serviced apartments are a great option during their trip. Professionals can more easily adjust to their temporary living situation thanks to the flexible lease durations and comfortable surroundings, which also encourage group communication and unity among team members.

Serviced apartments can also provide a smooth transition for individuals or families who are moving as a result of a corporate relocation. Because these are extended-stay accommodations, overseas employees can settle in while they wait for permanent housing. Corporate moves become less stressful and more seamless when fully furnished spaces provide the comforts of home.

3. Leisure Travel (Family, Solo and Couple Holidays)

Although they are typically associated with business travel, serviced apartments are becoming a more appealing choice for holidaymakers. The comfort and convenience that these accommodations provide are valued by both solo travellers and families. The additional space, kitchen amenities, and frequently lower prices when compared to hotel rooms make these apartments a desirable option for those looking for a stress-free and relaxing break.

However, serviced apartments are also a great option for people organising lengthy trips. Longer stays are made easier by the freedom of self-catering and a cosy, homelike setting for travellers. Whether they’re keen to make their own meals or catch up with friends for a movie-night during their trip, those who want to see a new city without giving up the comforts of home will find this option especially appealing.

4. Special Occassions and Celebrations

Not only are serviced apartments a great choice for long trips and business trips, but they can also be the perfect choice for special occasions. The flexibility and cosy atmosphere of serviced apartments make for a memorable stay, whether it’s for a big birthday, anniversary, or family get-together.

In order to make a special date even more memorable, many serviced apartment providers will go above and beyond by adding extra amenities to the apartment and recommending nearby dining and entertainment options!

5. Digital Nomads

Serviced apartments provide a lot of benefits for digital nomads who are searching for an efficient way to combine work and travel. With fully equipped kitchens, stable internet access, and excellent transportation links, these accommodation choices promote productivity and a healthy lifestyle. They’re also ideal for exploring during your free time.

Additionally, the welcoming environment found in many serviced apartment buildings allows for interactions among digital nomads and like-minded people, encouraging the development of a thriving social life for frequent travellers. Features like gym and coworking spaces, swimming pools and communal gardens offer an all-in-one experience as guests can enjoy privacy inside the apartments, or take opportunity to form collaborative relationships with others during their stay.

Want to book a serviced apartment for your next trip?

All things considered, serviced apartments satisfy the particular needs of each guest by providing a home away from home that improves experiences for business as well as leisure travellers. The options for varying lengths of stay are particularly appealing for digital nomads looking for short-term, reasonably priced housing. Similarly, business travellers will find commuting to the office effortless, while leisure travellers will be delighted by the fully-equipped kitchens and nearby entertainment options.

When planning your next trip to Manchester, our serviced apartments and townhouses can provide convenient accommodation options for both business and leisure travellers. Whether you prefer a central location in Manchester or a quieter escape in a small town on the outskirts, our accommodations are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring an ideal stay for your visit!

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