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Why Serviced Apartments Are the Best Choice for Your Next Trip

There are many different accommodation options available, each with a different perspective on price, quality and location between stays, depending on the budget allocated for your trip. But with so many options available, how do you decide which to select? This blog describes each type of accommodation out there, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.


Most of the time, staying in a hotel is expensive, with visitors anticipating paying more than £100 a night for a hotel room. Of course, guests frequently have the option of booking a larger room but doing so will require paying a premium and the actual area won’t be significantly larger. Hotels provide extras like gym access, free toiletries, and room service to make up for the lack of space. But while these amenities are welcomed and often regarded as symbols of luxury, serviced apartments can offer you more space than hotels and often include many of the same amenities for the same price bracket. In the end, paying for a hotel room is considerably more costly than a serviced apartment, especially if you’re looking to stay long-term.


Airbnb’s are quickly becoming one of the most popular accommodation options available for travellers. Like serviced apartments, provide spacious living at reasonable rates. They are also typically less expensive than hotel rooms, making them an excellent choice for guests on a tight budget. However, both hotels and Airbnb’s are designed for short-term stays and are frequently unequipped for long-term living, unsuitable for guests looking to stay for weeks or months, or even a space to relocate. Because Airbnb’s are typically designed for group bookings, solo travellers may also be required to share the kitchen and bathroom with other guests in order to split the cost of their accommodation.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, give you the privacy of your own apartment whether you’re travelling alone or with a group. Most serviced apartment providers target business and leisure travellers looking to relocate to popular cities, providing short- and long-term stays accordingly. These apartments have plenty of space, as well as amenities tailored specifically to meet each guest’s needs, with a guest services team always on-hand to answer any questions you may have throughout your stay.


Apart-hotels offer the space of an apartment combined with the luxury of a traditional hotel. When staying in apart-hotels, you are sure to get the comfort of a self-catering accommodation, enjoying the privacy of your own kitchen to make dinner or entertain guests when needed. Additionally, aparthotels provide hotel amenities like gyms, concierge services and play areas for kids. However, just like hotels and Airbnb’s, apart-hotels are usually only available for short-term stays, with most guests booking for only up to five nights. Also, apart-hotels frequently have common areas for laundry services and living spaces, whereas booking a serviced apartment provides guests with a laundry area as well as separate areas for living, sleeping, and cooking, all within the apartment.


Serviced apartments provide a convenient alternative to other accommodation services, offering spacious apartments for short- and longer-term stays. On average, serviced apartments are 30% bigger than hotel rooms, often for the same price – or cheaper! It is true that hotels are popular accommodation options because they often include amenities like a mini-fridge and continental breakfast. However, serviced apartments typically include a fully equipped kitchen where guests can prepare each meal according to their preferences and schedules!


With apartments in the centre of bustling cities and close to major international business centres, serviced apartments are perfect for both business and leisure travellers. Although hotel buildings are generally found in central locations, their nightly rate reflects the cost of staying in high-end areas. As a result, serviced apartments in residential areas provide an excellent alternative, providing a home away from home while also being close to popular restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues. Staying in a serviced apartment also gives you access to 24-hour access to a specialised guest team with local knowledge and on-hand support for any situations that may arise. This ensures that guests do not miss out on enjoying the dynamic lifestyle of central locations, all available on a low-cost budget.

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In addition, serviced apartments have a greater degree of flexibility than their competitors, since guests can book an entire apartment for up to a year. Other accommodation providers rarely focus on long stays, as they are likely not equipped to do so without compromising the quality of their services in relation to client satisfaction. However, serviced apartments are designed for long- and short-term stays, and can cater to guests looking to stay for a week or a month. When booking a serviced apartment, the number of nights in a reservation can affect the rate, with discounts according to the length of stay. This allows guests to choose between a variety of studio to multi-bedroom apartments at a more affordable price.


Serviced apartments also provide additional services that guests may not find with other providers. Booking a hotel usually includes cleaning services with the higher rate, whereas Airbnb’s and apart-hotels usually do not provide cleaning or meal services in their package. However, if you rent a serviced apartment, you can avoid doing any housework since professional cleaning services are included in the cost. After a long day at work or exploring the city, you can come home to a clean, comfortable bed when you stay in a serviced apartment.


When all accommodation options are considered, serviced apartments appear to be the best option. These apartments are not only affordable for both groups and solo travellers, but they also include extra amenities that guests may not find anywhere else. Hotels and Airbnb’s often do not have common or private living areas, and amenities like an extra bed or laundry service can incur additional charges.

If we’ve piqued your interest in serviced apartments and you’d like to learn more about how to book one for your next trip, contact our team now and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal serviced apartment in central Manchester.