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Many serviced apartments are located close to places of business and entertainment, such as coworking spaces, theatres, and gyms. This offers a comfortable and practical alternative to hotels and other accommodation providers, making it easier for visitors to maintain a work-life balance during their stay.

However, there are a few things you should take into account to make sure you have a pleasant stay before booking a serviced apartment. To learn more, continue reading:

Research the apartment and the location before booking: you should do some research to make sure that the apartment is the right choice for your stay. Make sure you are aware of the amenities offered by the provider, including kitchen appliances, housekeeping arrangements and parking availability.

Make sure you are aware of the check-in and check-out procedures for the apartment you are staying in: these can differ between providers and even between apartment locations. Some apartments may offer self-check-in while others require a meet-and-greet with a team member. The accommodation provider will let you know which procedure to follow in advance, but if you haven’t received information 24 hours before arrival you should contact them to confirm the details.

Double-check your travel arrangements before departing for your destination: with short walking distances and frequent transport links, staying in a serviced apartment will help you avoid being late and the stress of crowded or delayed public transportation. However, some serviced apartment providers may not provide transfer to and from the airport (or may charge an additional fee for this service), so please inquire with your provider about any travel arrangements they can provide, as well as advice on how to get to the apartment from the airport/train station.

Check whether you’re allowed to have extra guests in the apartment: Serviced apartment providers charge for the apartment space, or the number of bedrooms, as opposed to hotels and other accommodation providers who base their fee on the number of guests. In other words, you can usually have one or two additional friends stay in the apartment for a few days, but there may not be enough room for more users than the provider suggests. Before inviting your guest to spend the night at the apartment, check with your provider about the available space and the possibility of obtaining extra bedding arrangements, like a Z-bed, for an additional charge.

Pack appropriately: Serviced apartments typically include a fully equipped kitchen as standard, allowing you to prepare your own meals during your stay. While they usually provide a welcome pack containing toiletries and other amenities, a longer stay will almost certainly require a trip to the supermarket. Fortunately, booking a serviced apartment often means that you will be conveniently located near shops and supermarkets, so you can get supplies in just a few minutes!

Ready to book your serviced apartment?

If you’re searching for a place to stay for your next trip, Hilltop’s serviced apartments are located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. Our committed staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have about the apartments and the area, ready to help you find the ideal place to stay while visiting Manchester.