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Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Business Travel in 2023



Many businesses are getting ready to resume their business travel as the holiday season comes to a conclusion and the new year draws near. Prices are expected to rise in the first quarter of 2023, but business travel remains essential for organisations worldwide. As a result, you and your company should consider the variables that may affect business travel in the coming year, as well as the most effective strategies for dealing with them.

To help you get ready for your first business trip of the year, we’ll outline everything you need to consider when travelling in 2023.

Update your travel documents: As we enter a new year, you must ensure that all of your travel documents are updated before departing. Verify the dates on your itinerary, as well as the expiration dates for your passport, visa, and driving license and permit. To prevent trip delays and cancellations, give yourself plenty of time before leaving. If your UK passport expires in the next three months, be sure to renew it; if you’re travelling to the EU, you’ll also need to apply for a UK sticker for your car.

Get travel and health insurance: Being in a foreign country can be extremely stressful if something goes wrong during your trip, so purchasing travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay is a safe option for you and any equipment you carry with you. Buying travel insurance will cover loss of equipment, delayed luggage and last-minute cancellations. Similarly, health insurance will cover medical expenses resulting from personal injury, covid-related quarantine and treatment for long-term illness.

Plan your journey and accommodations well in advance: Any last-minute preparations can become more stressful if you try to make a reservation a few days before your trip because there may not be any rooms available in the local area by then. Find accommodation close to the locations you’ll now see throughout your trip, and whenever you can, get in touch with transportation services in advance to prevent delays. If you want to stay in central Manchester in 2023, Hilltop serviced apartments provide luxurious apartments in the heart of the city at affordable prices, perfect for business travel.

Consider both in-person and virtual conferences: If you’re an employer, you’re probably aware that the covid-19 lockdowns have increased the importance of hybrid work in the job search. Even though many companies are adding hybrid conferences to their calendars, it’s important to remember that in-person events, which bring together multiple organisations at once, are critical for networking and problem-solving. We recommend emphasising the importance of in-person events and, whenever possible, inviting your partners and staff to these events to foster relationship building.

Research your destination: Even though you’re going on a business trip, you won’t be working all the time. Do some preliminary research about the region you’re travelling and the hotel you’ll be staying at to learn more about local attractions and activities. If you’re booking with us, check out our blog for suggestions of places to eat, shop, and play around Manchester City Centre, all within minutes of our serviced apartments.


If you plan to stay in Manchester in 2023, visit the Hilltop website to learn more about our nearby serviced apartments. All of our apartments are all ideally situated in the heart of the city, close to popular tourist and entertainment hotspots, so you can take advantage of the city while you’re on a work trip.

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