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You could have acquired the perfect accommodation as a short-term let business – you’ve found a property that is in a fantastic location, has stunning views, all the latest gadgets installed and includes top quality fittings and furniture. However, if a guest arrives and the apartment has a poor level of cleanliness, all those positives go flying out of the window and the guest is left with an unpleasant experience. Inevitably you will also receive a negative review that becomes a black mark against your business that you cannot get rid of.

This is why at Hilltop Serviced Apartments we put cleaning and maintenance at the very top of our priority list, and we hope to help others who are starting up a short-term a let business with some tips below from our experiences so far.

Our Top Tips

Regular visits – Try to visit your accommodation at least once a month yourselves, as photographs or reports back are never as good as seeing things with your own eyes.

Snagging – On your regular visits, take a close look around and note down any snagging or maintenance that is required. Completing regular snagging will avoid the need for big repair jobs and will ensure that guests have a pleasant experience.

Communication – Keep in regular contact with your cleaning team, and not just via emails/text/calls. Try to meet them on site to help build a strong working relationship that maintains trust and openness from both parties.

Furniture and finishing – Don’t be tempted to buy cheap! This will only end up costing you more money in the long run. Try to also stay away from colours and materials that show up every spec of dust or dirt where you can, and instead go for hard-wearing materials in darker shades that can easily be cleaned.

Security deposits – Always take a security deposit from guests as this is an effective and proactive measure against damages to your property.