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Serviced Apartment Set-Up – Hints & Tips

It’s been a busy 2 months at Hilltop Serviced Apartments as we’ve acquired two more locations in Manchester City Centre. We are very proud of the achievement and I’d personally like to thank the team for their dedication and incredibly hard work during the take-on period. Setting up apartments ready for use as Serviced Accommodation takes time, organisation and accuracy. We’ve listed below our top tips and hints to help anybody who is undertaking this task in-house.

Time Management

As there as lots of different tasks to complete to get things up and running, we have found that the key to ensuring a smooth process is to set a realistic timeframe, rather than going for the ideal. If you are liaising with a Developer and they require a start date from you, give yourself a little more time that you think you need as those extra days will allow you time to focus and get things 100% and you will be glad you didn’t rush!

Lists and more lists

Treat this as Project Management and before you do anything else, get a To Do list together. We have found that segmenting this list into the appropriate areas is also incredibly helpful, for example ‘OTA’s’, ‘Website & Social Media’ and ‘Shopping List’. It’s easy to forget the detail when a list is too high level, and so we tend to opt for this segmented approach.

Team Work

This one goes without saying and sounds obvious, but it’s often tempting to take too much on as an individual. Take the time before setting off on your individual jobs to ensure that no one person is overloaded and each task is manageable.

Snagging and Testing

This step is crucial as you will need to inform the Developer of any snags as soon as possible. More importantly you will also want to be sure that the apartment is fit and ready for your first guests. Go down to the fine detail and test all of the appliances, open every cupboard and drawer, flush the toilets etc.