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Manchester is a culturally diverse city in the UK with many restaurants and entertainment options celebrating global cultures. If you’re looking to celebrate Thanksgiving in Manchester, some restaurants offer Thanksgiving menus and Christmas celebrations start early.

Manchester has various places with menus featuring traditional turkey, mac’n’cheese and Christmas puddings. Visitors can still find traditional American Thanksgiving meals and festive experiences within 20 minutes of Hilltop’s serviced apartments.

1.    Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café is one of the best things to do in Manchester during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Every year, the venue hosts an event for its American guests, offering a Thanksgiving menu. Complete with slow-roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, and a pumpkin pie that rivals the finest! For £23 per person, this is a fun chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in Manchester and meet new people.

Only prepaid thanksgiving meals are guaranteed, so make sure to book ahead!

The Hard Rock Café is near Hilltop’s serviced apartments in Manchester City Centre, including Northern Quarter (9-minute walk), Ancoats (11-minute walk), Picadilly (10-minute walk) and Deansgate (10-minute tram ride).

2.    The Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen is a bar and restaurant known for its lively atmosphere, delicious food, and excellent musical taste. From bottomless brunch on weekends to after-work group dinners, this place has something for everyone. You can find a wide variety of dishes and cocktails, along with DJs and live music performances.

The Thanksgiving celebrations start at 8pm with bourbon cocktails and live R&B and rock music. Their menu features everything you’d expect from a Thanksgiving dinner table, including buffalo wings and burgers stuffed with maple-glazed bacon!

The Blues Kitchen is a short 8-minute or 11-minute walk from Hilltop’s Deansgate or Picadilly apartments. The venue is also 17 minutes by tram from the Northern Quarter and 21 minutes by tram from Ancoats.


The following venues are not specifically for Thanksgiving, but they will provide a memorable experience for a great night:


3.    The Marble Arch Inn

The Marble Arch Inn, one of Manchester’s popular pubs, is only a short distance from the Northern Quarter and draws both tourists and residents with its beer garden and open kitchen. Popular artisanal ciders, live music and a traditional pub atmosphere ensure that customers experience Thanksgiving in Manchester with all of their senses. Their in-house brewery also guarantees quality beers from experienced staff every day of the week!

The Arch is only a 3-minute walk from our Northern Quarter apartments, a 4-minute walk from Ancoats, and a 9-minute bus ride from Picadilly. Our Deansgate apartments are also only 19 minutes away by tram.

4.    Dive Bar and Grill

Dive Bar and Grill in Manchester City Centre provides the best in food and entertainment, with a spacious and modern bar, a heated terrace for outdoor dining, and live music or DJs every weekend. The venue also has an event room with over 15 large TV screens where you can watch popular sporting events with friends or colleagues for a fun night out in the city.

Their menu includes traditional American dishes like classic cheeseburgers, buffalo wings and steak frites, so you’re sure to find Thanksgiving-style food even if it’s not specifically for the holiday.

Find the Dive Bar and Grill a 6-minute walk from our Picadilly apartments, an 8-minute walk from Ancoats and an 11-minute walk from Northern Quarter. Our Deansgate apartments are also an 11-minute tram ride away.

5.    Ducie Street Warehouse Lounge

Ducie Street Warehouse is a well-known social hub in the centre of Manchester, offering everything from a cinema venue to creative workshops and Disco Brunches! Whether you’re looking for a new cuisine to try out or a great family day out in the city, Ducie Street Warehouse has all you need to make every day an unforgettable experience.

Ducie Street Warehouse is hosting various events for the holiday season, including Christmas-themed Drink N Draw and dog-friendly “Pawpcorn” film nights. Although not specifically related to Thanksgiving, they will get you into the festive spirit. On Thanksgiving Night, the Drink N Draw is a great way to celebrate.

Duchie Street Warehouse is a 10-minute or 13-minute walk from our Picadilly and Ancoats apartments, respectively. The venue is also an 11-minute bus ride to Northern Quarter and a 15-minute bus ride to our Deansgate apartments.

Want to know more?

Despite its distance from the United States and their local festivities, Manchester is regarded as one of the most diverse and modern cities in the United Kingdom, with thousands of residents hailing from all over the world. Finding your community here is easy and with the Christmas holidays approaching, there’s always something to do in Manchester City!

If you’re looking for accommodation in Manchester’s city centre during the Christmas season, contact our team to learn more about Hilltop’s modern and spacious apartments right in the heart of the city.


*All transport recommendations are approximate and may vary according to the time of day, transport updates and other factors.