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International Museum Day, observed on May 18th, highlights the precious objects of cultural heritage preserved inside Manchester’s museums. These institutions connect the past, present, and future through ancient artefacts and modern masterpieces, promoting appreciation and awareness across multiple cultural traditions.
Beyond being objects for appreciation, museums are essential centres of learning, inspiration, and communal memory that help to shape our perceptions of the world and its many historical periods. Continue reading to learn about our top five museums near a Hilltop serviced apartment.

1. Manchester Museum (14 – 23 minutes by bus)

Nestled inside the prestigious University of Manchester, the Manchester Museum is a source of knowledge for students and locals. Its extensive collection includes around 4.5 items from anthropology, zoology and botany, and spans centuries of historical events.

Guests are welcome to explore the complex cultures of bygone civilizations, marvel at the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and take in the majestic remains of over 2.5 million specimens. Manchester Museum provides an immersive tour of the wonders of the natural world across human, animal and botanical life, from the mysterious appeal of mummies to the breathtaking grandeur of dinosaur fossils.

2. Salford Museum and Art Gallery (15 – 30 minutes by bus)

The Salford Museum and Art Gallery, located beside the University of Salford, provides a fascinating window into the heart of the local community. Travel back in time as you stroll around Lark Hill Place’s restored Victorian streets, which replicate the vibrant energy of Salford in the 1800s. See displays that highlight the city’s industrial past and the tales of its working-class citizens, whose contributions moulded the city’s identity and culture.

Beyond its historical allure, the gallery space offers a dynamic collection of contemporary art, including pieces by both well-known and up-and-coming local artists. The museum encourages conversation and connection among visitors while celebrating Salford’s rich cultural legacy through its immersive experiences and community involvement programmes.

3. The People’s History Museum (7 -20 minutes by bus)

The People’s History Museum honours ordinary people who have contributed great things to the local and global history. From suffragettes (also find the Pankhurst Centre) and industrial workers to trade unionists and campaigners, the museum pays tribute to the unsung heroes whose combined efforts have cleared the path for advancement and social change.

Visitors have the chance to journey through the turning points in British democracy and social justice, experiencing the struggles and victories of the working class through immersive exhibitions and interactive displays. It acts as a monument to the resilience and determination of the humanity and serves as a constant reminder that the bravery and conviction of regular people are what drive the struggle for empowerment and equality.

4.  Imperial War Museum (14 – 20 minutes by bus)

Located in Trafford on the banks of Manchester’s biggest Media Centre, the Imperial War Museum is a sombre monument to the human cost of war and the spirit of resiliency that endures. The museum illuminates the horrific facts of war and its profound effects on society through immersive exhibitions, interactive displays, and firsthand accounts from the survivors.

Visitors are faced with the harsh reality of armed combat while also witnessing acts of bravery, sacrifice, and unity from the trenches of World War I to the battlefields of World War II and beyond. Imperial War Museum North is a powerful reminder of the need for peace, understanding, and remembering in a world that is changing all the time.

5. National Football Museum (3 – 15 minutes by bus)

Football fans will find great pleasure in exploring the rich history of one of the most iconic football teams in the world at the Manchester United Museum & Tour Centre.

Located inside the renowned Old Trafford Stadium, also referred to as the “Theatre of Dreams,” the museum welcomes guests to get lost in the proud history of Manchester United Football Club. The museum provides an inside look into the challenges and victories of the Red Devils, from the many trophies addording the hallways to the interactive exhibitions highlighting historical moments and iconic players.

Want to explore the museums of manchester this summer?

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