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Manchester is a fantastic city to explore, with a bustling social scene and a growing centre for networking possibilities. The city has a wide range of events, meetups, and networking clubs for business travellers who want to connect with the local professional community, for both work activities and after hours. Additionally, having Hilltop as your home base gives you easy access to Manchester’s vibrant networking scene, connecting you across the city and to other parts of the UK during your stay.

Industry Events Across Manchester

The region holds a variety of business events, like the Rainmakers Conference and the Greater Manchester Business Show, which provide suitable opportunities to connect with people from different industries. Participating in these can help you forge relationships that go beyond your professional expertise and pave the way for future collaborative projects. Simultaneously, platforms like and Eventbrite offer access to a range of formal and informal settings, including specialised events that bring together local business owners, industry influencers and specialists from around the world.

Manchester’s Thriving Tech Scene

Manchester is quickly becoming a tech hotspot, with several events and opportunities to connect with other tech professionals. Whether you work in software development, digital marketing, or tech entrepreneurship, the city has plenty to offer. Our serviced apartments in the area are within minutes from multiple local coworking spaces, making them the perfect home base for connecting with major tech, software and IT communities across Manchester.

Cultural and Social Networking

Networking goes beyond formal corporate settings. Manchester’s rich cultural scene provides a great venue for more casual social interactions with locals and visitors.
Immerse yourself in art exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events to meet others who share a wide range of interests. These informal settings not only build genuine contacts, but also offer a unique opportunity to expand your social and business network in Manchester’s vibrant atmosphere.

Professional Development Workshops

Taking professional development classes in Manchester not only helps you improve your skill set, but it also opens up new networking opportunities. The city is home to multiple organisations dedicated to developing growth and expertise, including a broad range of training programmes. Participating in these workshops allows you to discuss ideas, seek advice, and make useful connections that can substantially benefit your career development.

Upcoming Trends from Emerging Businesses

Explore Manchester’s entrepreneurial scene at incubators and start-up events to network with possible investors, learn about developing enterprises, and receive insight into future trends. Consider these events not only as networking opportunities, but also as potential to invest in future firms or identify possible investors for your company, improving your professional development and contributing to Manchester’s entrepreneurial vitality.

In Manchester and want to attend an event?

Explore the city’s range of professional possibilities and make Hilltop your home for both relaxation and strategic networking.

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