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As more professionals experience the independence and flexibility of working from home, the demand for hybrid and remote roles is expanding. Remote work allows you to work from anywhere in the world and escape the restrictions of a traditional office. Businesses are increasingly promoting flexible work to fulfil employee expectations, giving people the option of working entirely remotely or splitting their time between home and the office.

However, in order for this freedom to develop, working from home requires the right atmosphere. This is where serviced apartments come in, offering remote employees with the optimal combination of comfort, convenience, and productivity. Below are our suggestions for transforming your serviced apartment into a productive work environment, allowing you to complete assignments with minimal interruption and lots of room to improve your creativity and concentration.

1. Stay connected throughout the day

One of the key benefits of serviced apartments is the inclusion of dedicated workspaces. These apartments are designed for business travellers, and they provide a comfortable and quiet setting to focus on what’s important without distractions. Serviced apartment providers often offer the flexibility to choose the workspace that best suits business travellers, whether it’s a desk in the apartment or a designated co-working space nearby.

Serviced apartment providers understand that remote work is dependent on a reliable internet connection. Hilltop’s serviced apartments have high-speed Wi-Fi. You may easily attend video conferences, upload/download huge files, and communicate with clients easily. We also offer Netflix, Sky Q and Virgin Media, allowing you to stay connected during the day and easily transition into winding down after work.

2. Enjoy flexibility and comfort

Creating a workspace personalised to your individual preferences can actually help you get through your workday with little stress. In a serviced apartment, you can arrange your desk, chair, and other accessories to improve your productivity.

What’s more, taking breaks in a traditional office can feel limited, especially when top management is present. A serviced apartment, however, allows you to take breaks from work as needed. You have control over your break time, whether it’s a quick stroll on your balcony, a 15-minute meditation session or a cup of coffee in the kitchen. These breaks can refresh your mind and increase your overall job happiness.

3. A quiet environment, close to the vibrant city

The calming atmosphere of a serviced apartment encourages privacy and concentration for business travellers. There are no ringing phones, small talk between colleagues or unexpected office distractions. This is especially useful for tasks that need prolonged focus, creativity, or confidentiality.

Many serviced apartments also provide beautiful views of green areas, parks, or landscapes. A leisurely walk or jog through a nearby park might provide a change of scenery and perhaps spark your creativity, improving your overall lifestyle. However, if you are interested in experiencing city life whilst in Manchester, Hilltop’s serviced apartments are located in multiple areas of Manchester city centre, so you can explore the cafes, theatres and museums during your time off.

Are you considering how to work remotely from a serviced apartment in Manchester?

When you have the freedom to work in the style that suits you best, it’s easier to stay focused, accomplish objectives efficiently and have a positive mindset. In essence, the convenience and flexibility of serviced apartments allow you to work on your own terms, adjusting your workday to your preferences.

At Hilltop, we want every guest to feel both productive and relaxed during their stay. Business travel can be demanding, so we make every effort to ease your relocation to Manchester, with a modern apartment and high-quality services.

Speak to our team to find out more about how you can book one of our apartments for your next trip to Manchester, and work from the comfort of your own space.